May 17 – 19, 2024
Mavens’ Haven, Lucile, ID
$450 private
$400 shared

Mid-May is the height of spring in Lucile. Every tree and shrub is showing off, including the Locust trees with their fragrant blossoms. The river will be high, rushing just below the labyrinth.

It’s the perfect time to bring yourself to the river canyon for a weekend of blended practices. We’ll focusing on asana, or movement while integrating meditation and pranayama, or breath work.

With respect, curiosity, and intention, we will:

  • ease into a restorative practice Friday night
  • have a guided meditation and Shavasana before bed
  • build a more energetic asana and pranayama practice Saturday morning
  • hike a local trail in the afternoon as a meditation
  • sink into an extended energetic and restorative practice Saturday evening
  • enter optional Sacred Sauna as a meditation and archetypal journey to the well
  • integrate the weekend with a beautiful Sunday morning practice

Weather permitting, we’ll practice outside as much as possible. We’ll integrate conversations about your insights and challenges throughout the weekend, along with plenty of walks and downtime. All levels of experience are welcome. The only requirement is to bring regard, curiosity, and intention.

These practices cultivate:

  • less reactivity
  • flexibility, strength, and balance
  • emotional resilience
  • ability to focus and concentrate
  • reduced anxiety
  • increased daily energy
  • personal intuition and insight

You’ll receive ample support from others in the retreat and the Haven itself.

Retreat includes all meals from Friday supper through Sunday mid-day dinner and lodging in one of our accommodations. Be nourished by delicious, homemade, Haven-harvested meals carefully prepared by Brandy Henson.

Please arrive Friday between 4:00 and 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time. We close Sunday afternoon with lunch and appreciations. Guests are encouraged to stay Sunday night for an add-on of $50 to quietly integrate the weekend and enjoy the Haven.

View accommodations here.

To hold your space, email [email protected] the following:

Spring Yoga Retreat Registration

Accommodation first choice:
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Dietary requests and restrictions:

Questions and general requests:

Send a $50 deposit to Venmo here or directly to me at CUB or Enliven in McCall.

About Renée

I bring a blend of perspectives as an educator, coach, and facilitator. I offer coaching and classes with Luminaire, community space and events at Community Hub McCall, yoga classes at Enliven, and retreats at Mavens’ Haven. 2024 brings my tenth year of offering events at the Haven.

Brandy Henson brings a passion for wholesome, healthy food to the weekend. She is well-known for her delicious gluten-free treats and breads. You can expect your meals to be simple, well-rounded, organic, and free of common allergens. Brandy’s alpaca wool, socks, and dryer balls enjoy local fame as well. Read more about Brandy and her alpacas here.

Working Itinerary


5:00 Open retreat
Introductions, agreements, around the Haven
6:45 Restorative evening practice
7:15 Supper
8:15 Walk to the bridge
8:45 Guided meditation and shavasana
9:30 Quiet Time


7:00 Waking bell and warm lemon water in kitchen
7:30 Morning practices
9:00 Breakfast
10:15 Depart for hike—walking meditation and shavasana
1:00 Mid-day dinner back at the Haven
2:00 Quiet Time—read, journal, walk the labyrinth, personal practice time
4:00 Evening practices
6:00 Supper
7:00 Early Bird Sacred Sauna
8:30 Night Owl Sacred Sauna


7:00 Waking bell and warm lemon water in kitchen
7:30 Morning practices
9:00 Breakfast
10:15 Integration and Discussion
11:15 Personal Time
12:00 To the bridge for happy spring movement
1:00 Lunch, Appreciations, and Closing