Life Coaching

Commit to yourself. Commit to living with more ease, alignment, and personal power.

I am committed to understanding your needs and supporting your well-being.

I am watching the anxiety, uncertainty, and fear arising from the Pandemic. I also recognize deeply the desire to make a positive difference and show leadership.

Let’s talk about how to consciously navigate this time with grace and resilience.


You may need:

  • to clarify a new direction
  • to get out of a rut
  • to know what you want more often
  • less anxiety and stress
  • to surrender what isn’t working
  • to create stronger boundaries with other people
  • someone to listen, reflect, and ask you questions
  • tools and accountability on making changes
  • to own your power more deeply

Coaching can be in person, by phone, or online.  Support includes live sessions and unlimited email, phone, and text access.
I will continually support you with check-ins, articles, books, websites, and other resources.

All coaching clients receive meditation and event Patronage benefits at Community Hub McCall, CUB. 

Contact me today.

You talk, I listen.

Receive a complimentary 30 minute session by phone or Zoom.

(208) 630-4913[email protected]