Mindset Coaching

In coaching, we identify the beliefs and actions that limit your goals and contentment. We then identify the realistic shifts you can make with your thinking and life structures. This is ongoing and iterative. 


You may need:

  • to clarify a new direction
  • to get out of a rut
  • to know what you want more often
  • less anxiety and stress
  • to surrender what isn’t working
  • to create stronger boundaries with other people
  • someone to listen, reflect, and ask you questions
  • tools and accountability on making changes
  • to own your power more deeply

I am committed to understanding your needs and supporting your well-being. I recognize the desire to make a positive difference and show leadership. Let’s talk about how to consciously navigate your goals and obstacles with a growth mindset.

Coaching can be in person, by phone, or online.  Support includes live sessions and unlimited email, phone, and text access.
I will continually support you with check-ins, articles, books, websites, and other resources.

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