See what is true for you.

Find what is hidden in your motivations, goals, & obstacles.

Acknowledge the power of multiple perspectives.

Dive into resistance and follow joy.

Recognize the necessity of darkness.

Show up even more like you.


Check out our Community Space.

Collaborate. Create. Connect.

A shared community space for work, meetings, events, classes and meditation.

114 N Third Street, Ste. 3 | McCall, ID

At Luminaire, we provide personal coaching, corporate in-house facilitation and coaching, and unique events for self-growth and transformation.

We can co-create facilitation of your next retreat, workshop, training, or celebration from a menu of offerings in creativity, leadership, Integral, the humanities, effective communication, meditation, and yoga.

You can expect new ways to see your world.

Luminaire Blog & Events

Walden Community Read

Walden Community Read

by Henry David Thoreau October - December 2020 Consider your place in the world, your relationship with nature, and how to live more...


Design Your Event

Let me help you design and facilitate an intentional celebration or retreat.

Life Coaching

I am committed to supporting your wellbeing with on-going coaching.


Take your business, team, or project to the next level. Be radical, make it new!


Ready-made presentations or work with us to create something custom to you.

Contact me today

Let’s see how we can work together and create a lasting experience.


Why me?

Because I’ve been there. I’ve been stuck not knowing the way out. I’ve blown it at communicating what I want or know. Mostly because I didn’t know. I’ve felt uninspired and uncertain. I have wanted the world to be different.

All of that still happens. I just see it as opportunity and inspiration.

I also am committed to my clients. I will listen, be honest, and show up for you.

Based in Idaho, I can travel to your location or create a custom event from my home base in McCall or Mavens’ Haven on the Salmon River.