Hello, Friend, 

Thank you for clicking this tab.  Patronage means you like what I’m doing and want to support it more.  Lately, most of what I’ve been doing has been to build and support community.  In the past few months I’ve: 

  • Opened Community Hub McCall (CUB).
  • Began the SpotLightMcCall podcast.
  • Spoken or facilitated at the Cascade Aquatic Center, Economic Summit, Rotary, and Chamber.
  • Presented an online class for a free women’s summit.

 Currently I am: 

  • Facilitating 2-3 meditation sittings a week at CUB.
  • Coordinating speakers and other events at CUB.
  • Creating 2 podcast sessions a month.
  • Incubating and creating future classes.

All of these offerings are for love and service.

Your patronage supports costs such as platform hosting fees.  Or if you prefer, funding the groceries and hiking.

I would love having sponsors for specific programs such as the podcast and CUB series.  I’m happy to splash your logo across a page and mention you on the podcast. 

And as always, welcoming fresh ideas.  Thank you.

Love and Light,


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