“I do not know of anyone who is better than you at accepting others and helping them see their own potential.” 

Sherri, California

“Renée’s keen insights, creativity, and enthusiasm are impressive, especially compared to some of the big 4 consulting firms I’ve used.”

Robert, Idaho

“Renee is caring, sincere and knowledgeable about so many things and her coaching was invaluable to me.  She listens and reads emails, things that few people in any profession do today.  Her humorous enthusiasm is wonderful too, that’s more important than we give it credit.” 

Sheree, Idaho

“I am wasting my time if I come to McCall and don’t see Renée” 

Vince, Utah

Renee’s Guided Meditation “was like introducing me to chocolate for the first time!” 

Mary, McCall

“Renée, your class on the Hero’s Journey and your interpretation of what that means CHANGED MY LIFE.”  

Betsy, Boise

“Renée facilitated a communication between my husband and me that resolved an issue we had been unable to resolve in nine years, even with the help of a licensed counselor.  With her clear, direct, and respectful facilitation, we broke through into a new understanding and a whole new marriage.” 

Jennifer, McCall

“Because she listens so closely, she is able to zero in on just the thing you need.  Renee has a manner that helps you look at difficult things without fear – indeed, with hope.” 

Cynthia, Idaho

“You always have answers to questions I didn’t even know I had.” 

Patty, Idaho

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