Seventeen years of teaching high school made me a expert on this. The slide into exhaustion was part of the gig. However, being totally wiped out is not a badge of honor. If you feel resistance to that, this is for you.

First, have a look at your beliefs. If you believe that you have to work to exhaustion and that being overwhelmed is normal, it’s time to flip your beliefs.

Second, know about self-regulation. Energy can be managed. You can move and shift any energy, including fear, anger, frustration, boredom, or overwhelm—anything that contributes to burn-out.

This is called a Re-Set. Especially effective ones are starred below. *

See where you are, know you have a choice, and choose your well-being.


  • Get outside and move in some fresh air. *
  • Walk where there are trees, preferably under the trees, preferable in the woods. *
  • If your energy feels stuck or negative—walk briskly, dance, shake, sing, or shout to run the energy through the cycle. *
  • SLEEP. Our cortisol is replenished while we are horizontal, preferably in the dark. Sleep is the best cure for burn-out. *
  • Food: listen. You might need more protein for energy and healthy fats for your brain.
  • Eat more vegetables than you think you need.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  • SLEEP.
  • Take a high-quality B Vitamin.
  • Avoid washing organic produce when you feel it’s safe enough—we get some B vitamins from dirt.
  • Get into some salt water. *
  • Consider herbs that support the adrenals/cortisol: Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Licorice, Penstemon, Maitake, etc.
  • Did I say SLEEP?

Body—Supporting the Gall Bladder

Decision fatigue can lead to a depleted gall bladder system—I’m talking Traditional Chinese Medicine here.

  • Eat fresh dark greens like arugula and dandelions.
  • Sprout or cook mung beans.
  • Drink warm lemon water in the morning. Add lemon or lime juice to meals.
  • Add high-quality first or cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil to meals.
  • Add flax oil to meals.
  • Avoid late meals.
  • Avoid heavy meats, dairy, eggs, and peanuts—at least for a few days to help clean bile ducts. *
  • Eat radishes, pears, parsnips, seaweeds, lemons, limes, and turmeric to help clean bile ducts. *
  • Drink cleavers or camomile tea.

In spring time especially, add the following solutions:

  • Eat more sprouts in general.
  • Use pungent herbs like basil, fennel, marjoram, rosemary, caraway, dill, and bay leaves.
  • Limit salty and heavy foods (spring energy needs to rise).
  • Eat more raw food as your climate warms up (contra-indicated if you have bowel inflammation).

Emotional and Mental

  • When you are caught in a mental loop of worry, change what you are physically doing to break the loop. *
  • Ration your news. Know when you’ve had enough and for heaven’s sake do something else.
  • Make decisions from knowledge rather than worry, fear, or ego.
  • Monitor any blame-shifting on your part. This makes us feel tired and powerless.
  • Assume responsibility for ALL of your experience—your feelings, responses, choices. *
  • Take a Day Off. Even better, a weekend. Best of all, a week or month. **
  • Take a Pretend Day Off where you imagine you’re having a day off while going light and easy on jobs at hand.
  • Stream or load some comedies or shows with beauty.
  • Ask for help. Allow someone to support you—it is a gift.
  • When a limiting belief arrives, see it and flip it. For example, “I don’t have enough time.” We all have the same amount of time, and humans are designed for/evolved into a 24-hour day. “I have enough.” *
  • Know that leaning into positive and healthy beliefs probably includes implementing boundaries. This is respectful to everyone.
  • For Overwhelm, take the next hour. Then the next. Avoid giving the thought/belief any power.


  • Whatever your daily spiritual practices are, commit to them. Do it. *
  • Have a morning practice or ritual—it does not have to be the same every day. *
  • Do a few rounds of microcosmic orbit breath or sun salutations. *
  • Listen to music that fills your heart.
  • Attend to beauty.
  • Attend to gratitude. When you wake, any time when the opportunity arrives, and before you fall asleep. *
See where you are, know you have a choice, and choose your well-being.