Begin with you.
You’re invited, and bring your friends.
If you could have one beautiful thing happen tomorrow, it would be~
For what are you longing~
Consider your requirements to feel happy, healthy, and strong.
Caring for you is not selfish. It’s a necessity.
It is time for a revolution of honesty about what you need.

Self care is ongoing attention to your well-being.
Self care is also specific practices and activities.

Start with your morning.
Fill the well first.
What do you need to begin an intentional, grounded, and beautiful day~

Cup of something warm
Glass of something blended or squeezed
Journal or Morning Pages
Walking the dog
Walking you

This is a requirement.
Structure your day so your self care comes first.
If you have morning practices, see and appreciate them.
If you need to begin, choose one.
When you go to bed tonight, consider how you will begin tomorrow. Commit from your heart.
Then tell someone what you did.

Show up for yourself.

Look at what you already know.
Find your journal, notepad, or click here. 

Title this My Self Care.
List who and what nourishes you.
Who and what brings contentment and beauty.
How you relax.
How you get energized.


Star the items that are necessary and present for you today. Circle or highlight the ones that require a deeper commitment.

Do it with Devotion.

Visualize some of you
Free-write or click here. No judging or thinking too much. Let the answers arrive.

  • Today I am feeling
  • What I wish were different about life is
  • What I appreciate about life is
  • I get excited about
  • I dread
  • I will protect myself better from these things by
  • I feel most like myself when
  • Things I do for money or others is
  • Things I do for love are
  • What would happen during my most perfect day
  • Right now what I need to know is
  • I am grateful for
  • Make a list of ways you want to feel. Star five, then circle or highlight three. Write them down somewhere else—on your mirror, on a post-it, in the front of your journal….

I create myself.

Commit more deeply, Sankalpa Shakti
Go to your My Self Care list. Notice the circled ones that require a deeper commitment. Choose one for the following process.

The Sanskrit word sankalpa comes from san, connecting to our higher truth, and kalpa, vow. It is making a heartfelt determination to be more fully ourselves, who we already are.  Tradition holds that sankalpa arrives when your spirit knows what you need.

A sankalpa can be a realization that inspires a direction~  I am already whole. I only need relationships who honor who I am. 

Specific sankalpas support our larger purpose. I need to move more during winter. I am going to the gym and walking 3 x a week.

Very important is sankalpa shakti~ the energy in specific actions that support your determination. Put out the gym clothes, set an alarm, and download an audiobook.

Create the sankalpa in your mind or write it down. Use present tense.  Invoke sankalpa shakti to name specific steps.  These may arrive gradually rather than instantly.

Finally, be ready for the impulse to avoid your sankalpa. Pause and remember how you want to feel. Re-ignite your resolve. You are reprogramming neural pathways, and this takes conscious effort.

Rinse and repeat this process whenever you need it.

Remain in Joy

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The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention….The reward for attention is always healing….More than anything else, attention is an act of connection.

Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

Images by Jackie Sommer