I finally accepted the rhythm of winter, pandemic, and how to pace myself. In other words, slow and easy might be OK.
I was doing a long morning fast, so I prolonged morning practices to stretch the time. It felt nourishing and peaceful. Hmm. Then I went to the gym where I got to have a long socially-distanced chat with Susan, here on the bike while I’m on the treadmill.
We talked about the power of accepting imperfection and how to reframe ‘work,’ laughing that we were ‘working’ on exercising and how she was helping me brainstorm this topic. So of course I took her picture for you.
We had such good ideas, and I don’t remember any of them now. Cause you know, that’s the other part of slowing down and ease. I cannot be expected to remember my brilliance this morning, or last week….
Accepting changes. Growing older. Slowing down. Being OK forgetting and getting waaay less done. Shifting the metrics of success, contentment, achievement…. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m capable anymore of a highly scheduled on-the-go day. Spring will bring more energy and zest–what will that be like?
In the meantime, turtles are my heroes.