How do we finish something that could go on and on?

Artists have a solution. There can always be more brush stokes, words, rehearsals, and details, so they consciously decide something is finished. We can apply this to the end of the day when we have more to do–tomorrow.

A simple and fun strategy is creating threshold rituals. It’s bringing the celebratory drink into everyday life.

You simply decide “I am finished.” It can be permanent, like the painting or project, or it can be the end of the day. You create a little activity that marks the shift in time, energy, activity, or focus.

A few ideas, some you may already do. Just notice the significance.

  • Tidy, clean, or rearrange your work space.
  • Travel home listening to something that feels satisfying.
  • Pause before opening the door.
  • Say a prayer or affirmation. Bonus: deep breaths.
  • Bring more love into the evening kiss.
  • Exercise, move, walk the dog.
  • Get new supplies.
  • Go shopping for something different.
  • Change your music or playlist.
  • Change something in your routine.
  • Go to the spa, bar, beach, trail….

I make playlists for projects. Then when it’s over, I delete the playlist.
I buy new pens when I need a shift.
I crash at the Cove after retreats.

The invitation is to do these more consciously, especially when you need that sense of completion.