We must be wired to obsess. I’ve been watching myself run through temporary obsessions, and I figure you do too. It makes sense—how else would anything big and cool get done? Art, elaborate buildings, landscaping, engineering jets, biological research, anything innovative.

Currently I’m obsessed with Mary Poppins, Lady Gaga, trees, the composition of the ground, how to grow my business, and not eating dessert. Briefly with Queen after an Artist’s Date with Bohemian Rhapsody. All good company, with or without chocolate.

If I investigate my list, there’s something about a life of creativity. I’ve taken myself on a 6 week personal retreat, which I thought was going to be about a book project. It’s turned into a creativity immersion instead. I’m riding that current because I figure it will drop me into the writing space. So, here we are.

What are your current obsessions? What can they reveal? Instead of pushing them away with guilt or shame, watch what happens if we embrace them and welcome the insights. Oh, you’re just obsessed with creativity…and dirt and trees because you’re walking every day. And finally interested in giving Luminaire more time. Cool.

Like that ticket to Bohemian Rhapsody. I hemmed and hawed about how I should use the time, kept looking at movie times, and scanned every buy-a-ticket platform. Finally I realized that by not acknowledging the desire, I was spending time avoiding it. RESERVE THE D&*N TICKET, RENEE. The confirmation code arrived, and I actually felt ELATED. I could stop obsessing about the decision, and instead give into a desire to have some beauty.

If we’re wired to obsess, let’s first acknowledge where our attention lands. What is here for me? And then cultivate it, have appreciation, and find the advantage.