It isn’t even a question any more.  At first, a little rude.  Abrupt.  Still, I’ve found myself saying this lately.  At first, I didn’t intend to because it is a little peremptory.  Sort of a don’t argue and get over it.

THEN something interesting happens.  People quickly go through a series of facial and emotional responses: surprise, revelation, acceptance, humor, and a letting go.  We stand there in a bath of emotions.  Because of this abrupt and revelatory nature, something feels true, maybe even divine.

I might not have enough money.  Oh, so what.
They won’t like me if I do that.
It won’t work out like I hoped.
She didn’t do the job right.
I won’t have time to finish.


Try it.  Next time you hear or feel a fear, expectation, worry, uncertainty…take off the edge.  It can even be a soft shoulder-shrug when someone truly is in pain.  I felt it during those months and years of mold recovery.  Itch, can’t sleep, can’t think, can’t get comfortable.  So what.  It’s just your body.  Really isn’t that interesting.

Things work out, or they don’t. It’s more about our attitude and how we feel while we’re on the ride.  And welcoming little nudges into humor and acceptance.