Boy Howdy, this is a tough one. I’ve been tracking myself for a few weeks, noticing how this desire throws me out of equilibrium.

We can spend a whole day doing this. A lighter schedule. I wish had more time to….  A relationship to have more serenity. A job less demanding.  A body less tired.

What is it for you?  What, right now or today, are you wishing were different?

It’s a trap. We are missing the gifts, beauty, and opportunities that are present. Remember, just show up and be here, here now, now here.

Who chose your schedule? Even if your organization or supervisor arranges it, you probably chose the gig. Want more time…really?  We are designed/evolved/whatever for 24 hours a day. That’s it, that’s all we can handle. We choose our friends and how to relate with our families.  Yes, we get a lot we didn’t choose. We know from stress research that it isn’t the stress that matters, it’s how we respond.

A turn in my attitude finally came last week. I’d been feeling out of balance and disconnected. I soaked in the local salt water pools, took a day off, and got some overdue acupuncture.  The magnificent Rachel knew exactly how to re-align and calibrate my system, and POW.  Feeling appreciative, relaxed with the flow, and more accepting of its eddies and spins.

I’m not saying I’m fixed by any means. This takes continual awareness and what I’m slowly respecting more-space. We simply cannot pack it in 24/7. We need room to make conscious decisions so we are satisfied with the outcomes of those choices.  My choice, my experience, my response. Be here, here now, now here.