Don’t waste time looking at faults and “imperfections.” Appreciate the whole.

Create positive, conscious neural loops or “grooves.”

“Good” is just a rung on the ladder~ don’t stay there, use it to keeIMG_0950p moving.

Monitor and calibrate responses, distractions, judgments, and attachments.

It matters more how we perform a duty rather than what the duty is.

Respect your duties and gifts and allow other people theirs.

Your intention and presence matter more than your words.

Every action matters. Act with resolve, good will, and gratitude.

Slow down.

The rest of the world values rest and relaxation. Hm.

IMG_0992 - Version 3Save space for the unexpected.

Your body is in your mind, but your mind is not always in your body.  ~S.Rama

I will be fine when_________. NO.  Be fine RIGHT NOW.  ~Mooji

Let the letting go be intuitive and in the moment.  Don’t force it.

We don’t ever stop letting go.  It doesn’t get “finished.”

Be internally honest about your motivations.

We can learn to control and direct the mind.

Identifications are in flux anyway, so why bother getting hung up. IMG_0967

Dropping who I think I am will take me deeper into my Self.

Pay more attention to people instead of all the contexts.

Integral Theory and Yoga Psychology are perfectly aligned. Exciting.

Pause, notice, and appreciate during transitions in daily activities.

Here now, now here.

“Oh, that’s about your body.  How are You?”

One-time use of disposable, non-biodegradable items will eventually become unacceptable.

Beauty is absolutely everywhere.