You know how you shake the snow globe and wait for it all to settle?  Sometimes it takes forever and you shake it again hoping it will settle faster.

After my health finally stabilized from the mold exposure and I lost my kitties and any semblance of a personal home, I knew I’d be traveling again.  Just didn’t know where or when.  I made a bunch of Trip Advisor alerts for favorite cities, considered retreat centers and long-desired trainings, and nothing felt…quite…right.  Then a trip to Ohio for my sister’s death shook the snow globe all over again.

My destination finally landed with a big DUH, RENEE.  Unexpected, unasked for, a bit surprising, and completely, totally certain.

I love mantras. I suck at chanting them, I just listen and hum. When they aren’t playing on Pandora or Spotify, I might be jamming to my Bollywood station (you know, that really cool music from Slumdog Millionaire). I fantasize about wearing saris, all the time, not just for events. I intently soak up shows and articles about India~ the deep history, colors, food, animals (snakes, gulp), landscapes, a culture of the sacred. I never imagined going there~ all those people and poop, don’t add more!  The poverty and sex trade. Hungry, tattered children.

Then I remembered a backburnered noncommitment to maybe complete a yoga teacher training course. I wonder…can I do that…in India?

Boy Howdy.

For every palm tree, there’s a course, slew of experts, and ashram.  They chant mantras every day, practice hours of all kinds of yoga, study sacred texts, eat super-strict cleansing meals, and sit in satsang~ sacred presence, teachings, and meditation.  Someone must be wearing a sari somewhere in all that.  Like…me!

It took another week of searching searching until I finally found not one, but two programs.

The Point Is. I had to wait for it.  All my initial ideas weren’t even close.  It came from “nowhere” and made complete sense.  I’ve been going through all the stages of holy crap how will I pay for this what will happen to my business what will I miss in McCall what about the winter course I was gonna teach what will my parents say I won’t be safe where is my passport I won’t have any meat 14 hours a day of study wake up at 5:00 am there are really big scary SNAKES.

All the hallmarks of The Call.  Listen up, dear ones, and wait.

My India March and April 2016 immersion so far~
Himalayan Yoga Tradition Teacher Training

Sadhana Mandir