Especially after moving into massage therapy, I’ve kept an eye on impressions and reputation.  “What?  You’re leaving teaching and working with your hands?”  Right.  Plus meeting people for the first time, having them remove their clothing, counting on mutual trust.

It came up again with Mavens’ Haven.  Something about working with herbs, brewing beer, creating empowering events, and educating other people evokes the hooded woman stirring the cauldron. I usually relish making an unusual or surprising impression, and sometimes I’m the one surprised~ “Really? That’s what you think?”

Then I got excited about a Halloween party.  I’ve always loved this day~ something about the dress-up, creativity, PUMPKINS, and spiritual origins. I want to bring back some of this tradition, meaning, and beauty.  The Hallowed part. Turns out, people feel discomfort going there, and there goes my reputation again.

One of my jobs on this planet is to nudge you into some personal edges, whether opening a book, reading aloud your poem, having a massage or sauna, being on retreat, talking through your truth.  I have to follow that call~ consciously, lovingly, and courageously.

So, I’m not going to take back my invitations to you.  They stand.  Yes, I have an eye on impressions and reputation.  Yes, I feel people’s discomfort and suspicion.  Halloween now, something else next.  My edge is to ask about it, to listen and understand.  Talking through and integrating perspectives, clarifying intentions.  There is always an angle or outcome I haven’t considered, so I value your input.

Consider yourself invited. Into the Edge. It’s sacred space~ growth and illumination.  Beauty bonus if we love up a few pumpkins and twirl along a bridge.