When an idea recurs, pay attention, right?   This month it’s resilience.  In a conversation about aging gracefully, a friend  said, “I think it’s about resilience.”  In my creativity research, it came up with Dr. Dan Siegel’s work on Interpersonal Neurobiology.  He advocates 3 new Rs: Reflection, Relationship, and yup, Resiliency.

Dictionary definitions of resilience describe the ability to return to an original shape, strength, or health after being pulled away.  My inquiry reflects on how we may cultivate this ability.

Let’s look to Dr. Siegel’s 3 Rs.  He notes that our abilities to reflect, build relationships, and be resilient are all held in the same part of the brain, the left prefrontal cortex.  They go together.  Ping!

I’ve been wondering about this seeming hodge-podge of Things I Do.  How are retreats, classes, games, dancing, etc. about healing?  I knew there was something, I just didn’t entirely get it until now.

If we are building relationships~ with ourselves and with others.…  If we are reflecting~ asking questions, meditating, being curious….  If we are being in relationship and reflecting together, Double Resiliency Whammy.  There’s a biological reason why being together in a retreat, class, game, or dance may heal.

My invitation to you today is to start with relationships.  What love and attention can you bring to just one relationship today?   Then another one tomorrow.  A reflection can be mirroring your appreciation to them.  Or it can be privately acknowledging the gifts of that relationship.

Building resilience can be…beautiful.  Aging gracefully, we truly do need each other.