This story begins with a request. Actually, that isn’t quite true.
This story begins with a relationship. Um…nope. Try again.
This story began the day I was born. OK, that’s probably cheating.

I’ll start with the first premise. Morgan asked me to share some personal stories with her coaching clients, most of whom I’ve met and worked with over the last two years. I figured why bother—they’re too busy to read more blah blah.

So there you have the first story. Which ended in resistance to the request—perfect, right? It took me days, delays, excuses, and more stories to finally write this.

Let’s look at the second premise, a relationship. Morgan and I needed a relationship, this exact relationship, for her to make this request, this exact request, and for me to receive this exact, perfect request. Here’s the beauty of the whole deal.

All our stories require the messiness and perfection of each other. My story of ‘No One Wants Me’ is completely exposed by this request. Someone wanted me to share some stories, and my STORY exists in complete opposition to that request.

Those days of stewing and making excuses included being annoyed at Morgan, a normal part of being in relationship. Mostly because she gave me the perfect assignment to find my edge and grow. By golly I wasn’t going to tell her that.

Isn’t it beautiful? In the end, almost everything happens in some kind of a relationship. Whatever your personal and ostensibly private story, it is dependent on others. Welcome to the universal existential crisis.

Which began the day I was born.

And deepened the day you were born. And maybe, probably, your story requires me too.