March 9, 2020
Community Hub McCall
5:30 – 7:00 pm

$15 suggested donation to CUB.
Included in CUB Patronage and Membership. Everyone welcome.

What is the big deal about personal or life coaching, anyway? And why do they charge so much?

Join us for some in-the-moment coaching, where we’ll untangle some life challenges and then unpack how we did it. I’ll share some common tools, tips, and tricks.

We’ll look at

  • how we listen
  • finding reframes to ‘problems’
  • becoming less reactive and more objective
  • identifying how you sabotage yourself
  • having more confidence and authenticity
  • owning your power
  • and more—as the conversation unwinds

Just beyond yourself is where you need to be. David Whyte

An evening series blending great ideas, best practices, and good reads.
Taking the best of what I’ve found and exploring it with you.

Somewhere beyond ourselves, somewhere inside ourselves.

American Transcendentalism
The Hero’s Journey
Stoic Philosophy
Creativity Practices
Yoga Philosophy & Psychology
Nonviolent Communication
Authentic Relating
Spiral Dynamics & Integral Theory
Coaching Structures
Spiritual Practices
Conscious Leadership