Three years ago the London Philharmonia and Esa-Pekka Salonen produced a series on Stravinsky called Myths & Rituals. Holy Archetypes, do I fly around the world for 30 minutes of The Rite of Spring and the dynamic Esa-Pekka?

I binged on Longmire to keep myself in the American West.

image-disney_concert_hall_by_carol_highsmith_editNow, Holy Everything Symphonic, Mythic, and Spring, he’s doing it again. In April, with the L.A.Philharmonic, in that fabulous, swoopy hall built just for them. The one that looks like a spring storm.

Mind you, I just returned from 6 weeks in California, where I got a Phil Fix. Back in Idaho, my bags remain unpacked, I have to-do lists pages deep, and no certainty about paying current bills.

But I have those April Philharmonic seats, an airbnb res, and plane tickets.

I feel perfectly unhinged and delighted. Like many things, this desire eludes understanding. I followed anyway, because it kept showing up, kept beckoning. And the path easily opened. An affordable place to stay right next door, wanna getaway flights actually available, and one middle seat left in my favorite section, right behind the orchestra. All roads point to yes.

'The Fool' by Leigh J. McCloskeyConsider the mythic archetype of The Fool~ speaking truth in riddles, channeling something divine, having curiosity and trust, playfulness, spontaneity. In Tarot the Fool can be the wild card or an excuse. Some things contain truth in that they don’t make any sense at all.

Now, I consider myself ‘high-functioning.’ Meaning bills get paid and the ridiculous and senseless belong to the news or children’s stories. And, this feels gloriously sensible. What if, here is just another way to move through life? Doing the things that give us joy. Having something to anticipate. Creating the life we want, which for me includes beauty, whimsy, art, and occasional immersions in something sublime.

I’m considering this a divine invitation. Always welcome the gods.

The Fool courtesy of Leigh J. McCloskey