Lindsey at the McCall Chamber recently texted asking if I would talk about Community Something at the spring breakfast. At first I had a little rush of Really, Me? then a little panic of OMG What Will I Say? followed by Oh, Yes, Of Course!

All the exact expression of Integral Wake Up, Show Up, & Grow Up, which is iterative and varied~ some people add Clean Up. Originally it developed as a spiritual imperative, sort of a command. My working theory is that it’s always happening and is applicable to everything.

We Wake Up. We realize, understand, or see something. My carelessness hurt someone. Some people are gay. Some people I like and respect voted for the other guy. Plastic is really harmful. Reading all those books was really good. People like me even when I’m…me.

I’ve written a lot already about Showing up. We do this every day~ go to work, attend a community function, listen to a friend, donate to the nonprofit, help out, clean your own mess, vote.
The Grow Up is a transcending into a more purposeful, authentic, and evolved place that includes where you’ve been. The place of vision and service. It means showing up as yourself. It means saying the hard truth. I may be uncomfortable around gay people, the political right wing, or different ethnicities because I don’t live in those worlds.  Then, I discover I am somehow enriched by their presence and perspectives. Then, I relish the opportunity to be enriched. Transcend.

I love that Lindsey sent a text~that informality and familiarity already reflect being in community. It’s a Wake Up of recognition and invitation. I could say No Way, No Thanks and miss the opportunity to Show Up.

My Grow Up is finding a useful, even inspiring contribution to the discussion on making our community more resilient. Now, my invitation is to you. Let’s start asking each other, how do we wake and show up more fully to ourselves and our communities?  And how can we accept, include and transcend what is current or present?