This is a Big One.  It keeps coming up in my research through different disciplines and terminologies.   Basically, everyone agrees that we may cultivate insight and problem-solving within movement. 
Nancy Napier of Boise State’s Centre for Creativity and Innovation calls it “taking detours”~change your environment, use a pen instead of the computer, exercise, draw instead of write.  She notes that intentional preparation before the detour helps.   Neurologically, taking a nap may have the same effect as moving.  Cool.

Tami Kent in Wild Creative writes about how we nourish our energy fields with our passions~ gardening, journalling, dancing, cooking, sports, being with friends….

Michael Gelb’s approach in his popular seminars is to teach Qi Gong.  Any intentional, focused practice will do~ martial arts, yoga, kung fu, Tai Qi.

You already know this.  When we move into different landscapes, we can feel refreshed.  When we move our bodies~ in the gym, on the dance floor, in a class, down the road~ we feel energized.  Have you ever gone for a walk and figured out a problem?   Lay in shivasana and suddenly knew what you were going to do?   Yup.  One reason I have a yoga practice.  Some days I practice just to resolve a problem.

However it works for you, move with the intention to be in your body, honoring its wisdom.  Every day. 

This shows how creativity is a way of healing.  When we access our creativity, we are more whole, more full, more alive!