I’ve been waiting for an inspiring topic to share with you, and apparently my brain still thinks it’s summer.

So my inspiring topic is that it’s OK not to feel inspired.

Instead of receiving internal sparks, I’m inspired now by the incredible array of art in the Virtual Ether. A year of weirdness has shaken and stirred our creativity.

It has me thinking about structures. In the continuing time of wobbliness, it’s important to acknowledge structures—the ones you’ve kept, ones you let go, and new ones.

For instance.

I’ve kept the structures of daily practices, walking in the woods or gym, weekly CUB emails, going to Mavens’ Haven, and eating super well.

I’ve let go of dining-out dates, in-person events and meetings with more than a couple people, and traveling.

I added weekly meditations with Swami Ma, a yoga sutra class, deeper dedication to being outside, walking dates, gym weight-machines, “attending” virtual concerts, and more streaming channels—-who knew? I’m thinking about a ski pass.

What are yours? As we move through winter and the final months of Getting Through This, it’s useful to identify structures. No shame. Find inspiration wherever it arrives.