Wednesday, May 20

6:00 – 7:30 pm

Community Hub McCall

We cannot always control what happens around us. We can control how we handle it. Life happens with you and through you, not to you. Become less reactive and feel more empowered.

We’ll look at:

* what the neuroscience says about stress and our wiring

* social situations and how we behave and adapt

* how to work with negativity

* other simple techniques to help you cope It’s your mind.

Take charge. Feel more like who you want to be. Register here. $15 donation to CUB. Included in CUB membership and patronage.

Since events at CUB will be held with up to five people, please register in advance. If you must cancel, please find a friend to attend or contact the facilitator in case we have a wait list. We’re figuring out new ways to work, so we appreciate your support and suggestions.

Art by Jackie Sommer.