April 6, 2019

1pm MST

Part of the I Am Worth It Online Summit, click here. Pre-registration necessary.

Understand the rich terrain of your life journey.
See your current stage with clarity and courage.
Recognize your divine calls.
Learn to accept hardship and enjoy it.
Learn to see a celebration and honor it.

Join us to survey this beautiful map of the human journey. We will use the paradigm established by Joseph Campbell and refined by many others. The adventures of the hero(ine) is our human experience, especially our search for meaning and purpose.

Receiving the Call & Departure

We may learn to recognize when a call is arriving. After we accept a call, we acquire help and must face thresholds, both external and internal. Then there’s the belly of the whale….

Initiation, Road of Trials and Adventures

As we journey on the road of trials, we are initiated into the wisdom of life. The journey map contains archetypes such as the dragon, shapeshifter, meeting the goddess, tests, and the descent into darkness. How is that different from the belly of the whale? Why do we meet with divinity and find reconciliation with a father-figure?

Return and our Role in the World

We cross more thresholds to bring our gifts to the world. Often this is the hardest part when the world isn’t ready for us. We each have gifts to offer and must integrate all paths.