Why in the name of Heaven does this get said to me? A LOT. Not just my mom. Enough that I’ve begun the process of Wonder Why This Happens and I’m Annoyed.

Am I…not careful? Do I have a…reputation I don’t know about?

Whenever Something Happens, 99% of the time it’s on me. I’m the one who backs my car into a mailbox, bangs a limb on perfectly visible objects, cuts my finger with a kitchen blade. I’ve never been assaulted and spent the #MeToo# Movement wondering how I missed out.

IMG_0494I drive to new places, walk in cities, walk in the woods, and talk with strangers. It is almost always a rich and rewarding experience. When I travel, most people go out of their way to help. Sure, I’ve had things stolen which sucked the joy out of a day in Madrid and a few hours in Acapulco. So What. I could write pages on all the beautiful, generous things that have also happened. If I had ‘been careful,’ maybe those things wouldn’t have been stolen, and maybe I wouldn’t have even been there. Was the experience of being in Spain and Mexico worth the pain? Yes.

I’ve concluded people don’t think I’m not being careful. Rather, it’s a simple expression of caring for when they are absent. It’s a departure blessing. If we aren’t around for someone to love, they want us to go with their care. It’s a Go with safety and my loving wishes.

Let’s find other expressions instead of this command that carries some shadows. Those might include envy, suspicion, fear, uncertainty. Let’s switch it around. I want to be happy for you and wish you a bright and easy time away from me. I’m not going to tell you what to do, Have a great time. I’m going to offer a wish and a blessing.

I hope you have a joyful easy fun relaxing time.
I hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself.
Hope you have a blast.

And mean it.