What are you?  Come learn more!

February 19, 2019
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Pilgrim’s Cove Camp and Conference Center
A FREE Cabin Fever Event, donations to MAHC welcome.


The Enneagram is a complex map of human psychology and how we engage with the world. Greek for nine, Ennea refers to nine personality types within the map, represented by the sacred geometry of a star.

1 is the Reformer wanting to improve the world.
2 the Helper offers love and service.
3 is the ambitious Achiever.ennegram diagram
4’s, the Individualists, value self-expression and their uniqueness.
5’s are the Investigators, our scientists and detectives.
The 6 is the Loyalist, committed to security and responsibility.
7’s are the Enthusiasts, spontaneous and fun-loving.
An 8 is the Challenger who sees what to do and takes charge.
9 represents the easy-going, reassuring Peacemaker.

We will arrive and sit with our type, always a fun and engaging eye-opener. Each group will share who they are, followed by a larger discussion about growth, regression and shadow, and general Enneagram wisdom. We need plenty of people to offer full representation, so the evening is free.

Please know your type before you arrive by taking a free online assessment here Alternatively, come 30 minutes early. Bring a friend and join us for a lively and inspiring evening.

Light snacks and tea courtesy of Renee, Ridleys, and Pilgrim’s Cove.

Directions to Pilgrim Cove Camp:
Turn north onto Pilgrim Cove Road at the intersection of Spring Mountain Ranch, Lick Creek, and Pilgrim Cove Roads.
Continue driving for .3 miles and turn RIGHT at the stop sign.  There will be a Pilgrim Cove Camp sign on the right.
Once you turn right, please stay to the far right!
The road makes a Y…
.2 miles down the dirt road you will stay to the LEFT and go up the hill, following the next Pilgrim Cove Camp sign.
The camp is about 250 feet ahead past 5 houses. Look for a big blue welcome sign.

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