March 20, 2019


2008 White House Haft Seen

6:30 – 8:30 PM
Alpine Village Clubhouse
$46, a Cabin Fever Event. Register here.
with Thea Belecz

Nowruz or New Day has been celebrated on the spring equinox for over 3000 years. Popular within many cultures, Noruz features days of elaborate festivals and traditions.

Some traditional observations include cleaning and decorating your home, wearing new hafizclothes, creating colorful powdered patterns on thresholds, lighting fireworks and bonfires, visiting family, enjoying picnics, reading Sufi poetry, and participating in the Haft-seen, Haft-mewa, or Khoncha meal.

Join us to invite spring and good fortune. We will decorate the Haft-seen or Seven S table, share this festive Persian dinner including the traditional seven ingredients, read Sufi poetry, and share wishes for the new year. Wear something new if you’d like!


Dolmeh–stuffed grape leaves. Lamb and vegetarian.
Muhammara-walnut and red pepper hummus

Cucumber radish salad with herbs, feta, and walnuts

Main Course
Mushroom okra curry with mango relish
Green Chicken Korma

Potatoes stuffed with spicy cottage cheese
Lentil Dhal with roasted garlic and whole spices
Saffron rice
Raita–yogurt with raisins, cucumber, and walnuts

Faloodeh—Persian rose water ice

Elderflower ‘Champagne’ and Sparkling water