I want to confess how much I don’t know what I’m doing. Yeah, probably not a surprise to you. It became clear (again) after the last Thoreau event~ some of you were even there.

The idea seemed pretty cool. I skimmed Walden, the Bhagavad Gita, and parts of the Vishnu Purana to cull vivid passages with common ideas. More than once I thought, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  You haven’t published anything or have a pedigree or diploma for teaching scriptures. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

14 people showed up. In McCall, on a winter night, and I didn’t have beer, music, or food. Was NOT prepared for that. Wasn’t really prepared at all. Figured that with a old-fashioned handout of those vivid passages, an interesting discussion would just organically unfold.

Which is exactly what happened. Ok, I could have practiced what I was going to say, thought more about an outcome or objective, and the evening might have been a little smoother. Apparently…not totally necessary.

Sometimes we worry too much about what we’re going to do or say. When it might be perfectly ok and probably better to show up and let your self do and say in the moment.  In yoga it’s called Parabtha Karma~ ride the wave of already-happened events integrating with today’s energy blossoming into action now.

We do the preparation every single day for whatever is going to happen tomorrow. Somehow, the wave of already-happened reading and teaching took me into the now-energy of that night. Cooler still, Pat and Mike got to express that wisdom, not Renée. Since I didn’t know what I was doing and wasn’t over-prepared, everyone there got to own the evening.

Don’t believe me, just try it for you.