I’m on day 7 of 9 where I purposefully scheduled events almost every night. Usually I’m more judicious, so this was a conscious experiment. Then the Chamber asked me to organize the Carnival parade. Sure, I can do that. Then I got snotty and coughy for 2 weeks. Sure, that too.

Good thing the car got fixed, just in time.

I figured by today I’d be toast, plotting a getaway at the Cove or hunkered in with some Masterpiece Theater.

Then I noticed instead…I’m relaxed. Excited. Here with you. In the flow.

I’m learning to honor the current. When tired or ambivalent, eddy in and sleep. When happy, ride the wave and whoop about it. When energy is moving, get some work done.

This means recognizing the quality of the current, which is mostly somatic~ how my body feels when I’m engaged in a decision. If I feel constricted or uninterested, that’s a no. If I feel excited and can’t stop thinking about it, that’s a yes.

My yes includes uncertainty.  I’m almost always uncertain, simply because I’m learning to respect the unpredictable. Many spiritual traditions teach this, especially the Gita~ we must do Right Action, we may not attach to outcomes. So we have to embrace and integrate uncertainty.

So if I’m paying attention to the current of my energy, my personal boundaries, and what I truly want, I have more stable, consistent, and grounded energy. Change the world. Get stuff done. Be content.

Sure, that too.