Facilitated by Jenny Harps, M.A., Awake & Aware
Mondays, February 8 ~ March 7, 2016
5:30-8:30 pm
Granite-Boulder Room, St. Luke’s McCall
1.5 CEUs through BSU Center for Professional Development
1.5 CEUE 52302 through NNU

Educator Credit EDPD 52319 through NNU

Do you ever feel…
Unheard or misunderstood?
Disempowered in your relationships?

Do you sometimes have a hard time…
Defining and communicating your boundaries?
Requesting change with positive results?
Knowing how to listen and help?

Are you tired of…
Not getting your needs met?
Giving in, giving up, or walking away?

Learn to…
Resolve problems.
Listen so others feel safe to speak.
Speak in ways that lead to getting your needs met.
Connect with your child, spouse, parent, friend, student, employer, employee, or teacher.
Enhance Self Esteem and build trust for everyone involved.

The Level I Seminar introduces communication and relationship building skills which help participants effectively relate to people on many relationship levels – spouse, parent, child, friend, student, employer, employee, teacher – offering alternatives to conflicts and confrontations.  Self-esteem is enhanced, trust grows, and relationships are enriched. This course welcomes youth as well as adults.

Course Requirements
Participate in course sessions.
Complete weekly awareness assignments.

Primary Resource
Effective Communication and Relationship Building Seminars, Selwa Said, copyright 2012. The booklet contains material for all Levels and Skill Drills. The cost is included in the course fee. Copies will be provided to students at the first class meeting.

Course Registration
Single Registration $150
Pair or Couple $250
Youth $75
Secure your spot and class materials with a $50 deposit here or complete attached registration form.  Specific questions may be addressed to Jenny at 315-2072 or jenny@awakeawarecenter.com

Jenny Harps

Jenny holds a B.A. from Gonzaga University and an M.A. from Stanford Professional Head Shot Jenny - Purple ShirtUniversity.  She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Diplomate of Visionary Craniosacral Work.  She has completed in-depth studies in both Effective Communication and Relationship Building Skills and Awareness Meditation Practices.  She brings these therapeutic approaches to her private integrative therapy practice, Awake & Aware.  In practice since 1992, Jenny teaches and facilitates Effective Communication and works with children, adults, families, and couples to free themselves from physical and emotional pain and meet the present moment with clarity.

Course Coordination with Luminaire, offering courses, retreats, community-building events and celebrations.

Course Outline

February 8

Mindfulness – Instruction and Practice
Introduction to Course, Syllabus and Homework
Behavior Charts
Acceptable/Unacceptable behaviors
Who owns a problem
Barriers to Effective Communication
Staying Empowered
What is needed – Tracking or Impact Statement?
Identifying Reactions from the Wounded Self

February 15

The Tracking Process
How to Track – The 4 Ws
Tracking to Resolution
When and Why to Track

February 22

Tracking Continued
Tracking Body Language
What to Avoid when Tracking
Tracking Errors
Gentle Probes – Questioning Statements
Gentle Challenges
Matches – Reactions that Ignite Conflict
Identifying when to use Impact Statements

February 29

Impact Statements – Requests for Change
Give it as a Gift
3 Criteria for Impact Statements
Gentle the Voice; Gentle the Words
The Benefits of Impact Statements
Distinguishing between a “you” statement and an Impact Statement
Common Errors with Impact Statements
Changing a “you” statement into an Impact Statement

March 7

Review Tracking
Review Impact Statements
Instructor Demonstrations
Dyad and Group Practice
Presentation of Learning Outcomes
Course Evaluations
Final Group Questions

Course Registration Form
Effective Communication and Relationship Building Skills
Instructor – Jenny Harps, Awake & Aware


I assume all risks and hazards incidental, including death or permanent disability, to the conduct of the activity.  I do further hereby release, absolve, indemnify, and hold harmless Luminaire, Awake & Aware, and St. Luke’s McCall, its officers, employees, representatives, agents, assigns, and volunteers, from any an all injuries, damages or losses of whatever kind, nature, or amount suffered by me at any activity sponsored, in whole or in part, by these organizations.  I understand that Luminaire, Awake & Aware, and St. Luke’s McCall provide no accident or medical insurance and that this is my personal responsibility.  I hereby give consent for emergency medical treatment.  I understand that this is to prevent undue delay and assure prompt treatment and that only a licensed physician will be engaged for such an emergency.

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Effective Communication and Relationship Building Skills
Instructor – Jenny Harps, Awake & Aware
Course Registration Receipt

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Amount:   $150 one person   $125 per person in a couple or pair   $75 Youth

Secure your spot and class materials with a $50 deposit here or directly with check or cash to Renée Silvus, Luminaire.

Payment may be brought to Renée’s office at 337 Deinhard Lane, McCall or mailed to PO Box 2115 McCall, ID 83638.

Remaining tuition may be paid the first night of class with cash or check.

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