When Jenny’n Todd and I met for our annual new year’s dinner and “What do you want for this year,” I fumbled.  Last year’s wish of “I just want to be surprised” happened alright, in Spades.  All is well now~ feeling settled, light and content again.

When Jenny’s inevitable question arrived, I started blah blahing. “Not really sure, not gonna repeat LAST YEAR’S wish, I want to be safe since I’m traveling, I want Luminaire to take off, I really DO want to Be Light and Love…you know…I just want to be fully myself. Ping.

Jenny’s eyes widened and we both smiled.

This may take more courage than I’ve ever mustered.  Skiing down the Really Steep mountain, tromping through new places, asking a stranger for help~ those are really cool and hard things, and often a pretty easy kind of courage.  We may not think long about it, and the sense of adventure can carry us along.

Being myself, though?  That requires a lot of awareness and honesty.  First I have to know what I want and then act accordingly, what the Vedic texts and Buddhism call “Right Action.”  It also requires trust in you.  This isn’t a cliché, it’s just hard work.

You’re welcome to use my wish too. It’s a good default for all of us. It’ll be contagious. What if…we all started with awareness, then Right Action.

Pow.  A Revolution of Heart.