There’s a story about St. Teresa of Avila losing her traveling supplies in a raging river.  When she went to calm down and pray, God revealed it was to show his love and friendship. She retorted, “No wonder then you don’t have many friends.”

Just when life seems to settle down a little, something happens. Just when I think I’m wiped out, something happens.  Apparently, despite all my efforts at being in the flow, prayer, meditation, alignment, blahdablahda, something happens.

Apparently, we don’t get away from adversity for long. Must be why all spiritual traditions make suffering sacred.

We don’t get away from the unexpected.  We can be resourced.  Today, right now, consider yours.  People, places, pets, practices and habits, nature, good food. Dial in stellar nutrition, watch a sweet movie, walk somewhere pretty, and sleep sleep sleep.

Pay attention to your body, which Does Not Lie. If you can’t stop thinking about taking a break, seeing a friend, or sleeping, for heaven’s sake DO IT. If you’re too tired to get “something done today,” that something will get done better when you’re better.  You know this.  Instead of piddling around halfway not doing something, curl up in a square of sunshine, brew a warm cup, play with an animal or child.

There are more lessons in adversity besides slowing down and allowing space. Beethoven’s Opus 131 contains 7 movements instead of the usual 4.  Without pause.  Which means the musicians have to keep playing even when they are out of tune.

Adapting. Keeping equilibrium, tapping into gratitude, asking for help, giving help, recognizing the necessity of balance. Hard?  Sure, and we know how to do Hard, raging rivers included.