A couple days ago I asked what has been working in your life and what you will do differently.  I hinted about a theme for 2015.

Let’s Roll!

My theme is Adventures in Spirit, and here is your Call to Adventure.

What will you create in 2015 that will bring the transformation you want?  How do you want to feel?  Where do you want to be?

We have a Map to Adventure, so let’s use it.

First, Departure.  Kiss 2014 goodbye and thank her for the lessons, whatever is on that ‘Do Differently’ list.  Firmly decide what you are leaving behind.

I am leaving behind playing small and not asking for what I want.  Yippee!

The Map contains three responses to the Call and Departure: Refusal, Resignation, or Jump at the Chance.

You can refuse a call to change.  You can simply say, “Life is fine just as it is.”  If you feel gratitude and peace with that, please share that with us.  We need your inspiration.  If you are refusing out of fear or uncertainty, the call will linger.   You may want lower blood pressure, less sugar in your diet, more motivation with your job.  You know how this goes.  We ignore that stuff and remain unsettled.

Resignation carries an unwillingness to create changes.  To help, identify your resources: trusted people, services, practices, and places.  Loved ones and communities are resources.  Exercise, prayer, your favorite walk, the corner grocery, pets….  I hesitated for years about leaving the secure and familiar world of teaching.  Then McCall and its resources arrived, so I answered the Call of massage and bodywork.

When we are aligned with our values and know what we want, the Call to Adventure is welcome.  You may then recognize that a Call has arrived, which leads to my invitation for you today:

What do you value?  Don’t overthink, just recognize them!
How do you want to feel?  This is not meant to be woo woo touchy feely.  Do you want to feel confident, competent, connected, of service….?  Make a list.
What is possible?  Take a deep breath. If you could have anything, what would it be?

I am going to value Expansiveness in 2015.  Instead of avoiding my birthday like usual and hiding in the woods, I’ve decided to celebrate, all year long.  Half a century merits a paradigm shift, right?  Someone else isn’t going to plan a party I don’t like.  Playing Big and asking for what I want.

You are invited!   Adventures in Spirit PARTIES all year~ from whiskey-tasting to The Tempest to building a labyrinth.  Because I want to feel inspired, a deeper connection with you, and delight.

I want to hear from you. Tell us here what you’ve got!