HadesAndPersephone“The night will give you a horizon further than you can see.”  David Whyte

As our hemisphere tilts a little more deeply into darkness, let’s honor its wisdom.  Mythic personalities lead the conscious way~ Innana sheds her armor and jewelry,  Theseus takes Ariadne’s ball of thread, Persephone gives some kind of consent to Hades.  You’re a pretty young thing and a powerful god wants to whisk you away on his sexy horse?  Shedding, guidance, inevitability.

Darkness has gifts.  It is the yin time of resting, revitalization, study, creativity, meditation.  What if— we give this quiet time an equal amount of recognition and respect as our more active and visibly “productive” times?  Since the yin is quieter, what if it actually needs more care?  Germinate, sweethearts.

If this time requires more sleep, then do us all a favor and sleep.  You need it.  You think you’re going to be “more productive” zombie-ing around in adrenal fatigue?  Heal your body, rest your mind, calm your spirit with some solid pillow-love.

Store up the juices.  We’ll be tilting furiously toward summer soon enough.

“Lose what I lose to keep what I keep, / The strong root still alive under the snow…”  May Sarton