I’ve been listening to different perspectives on something many of us share—growth and change happenin’ way too fast.

The guy in his longtime second home wants to relax instead of doing chores. Can’t find anyone to hire. The home-builder wrangling subcontractors who shirk responsibility for their unacceptable work.  Friends and neighbors feeling overwhelmed~ more traffic, crowded grocery store, looming development. All of us susceptible to complaining, wanting things to be different.

Oh, for the good ol’ days of the recession. Stellar customer service, folks more ready to help out, good deals, and feeling like We’re In This Together.

How do we navigate economic growth with grace and health, remaining true to our respective values instead of giving in to something less than OK? Just because we can get away with inferior work or customer service doesn’t mean we will. Just because we have opportunities to blame and complain doesn’t mean we will. Just because we stand to make an extra buck by breaking a contract or turning away someone in need doesn’t mean we will.

Personal integrity and the social contact require that we rise above the circumstances.  We find solutions for what we need, and we give back accordingly.  When we see a conflict between what we believe and how we’re acting, we notice and course correct.

There are certainly no panaceas out here in Luminaire-Land. Just asking that we stay conscious, and we keep the bar high.

And, I’m inspired by many of you, the perspectives and values you’ve shared over the years. It does ripple.