Lately I’ve been tracking how I trust.  Wow.  We are immersed.

Traveling reveals the beauty.  In the last several days, I’ve enjoyed the convenience and efficiency of using the Uber ride platform.  Bonus: interesting conversations and connecting.  For a minute slice of time, strangers ease into parallel, possibly intimate experiences.  I heard about Randy’s post-divorce dreams for a gym, missing his daughter. Good luck. Go get it, I say.

I safely arrive everywhere, somehow better for these 10-minute relationships.

We are in trust every single moment of our lives.  With the first morning light switch and toilet flush, we trust the infrastructure.  When we enter any public space, we trust that everyone will uphold the unwritten rules of civility.  Every exchange hinges on some kind of trusting.  That people will simply do their job.

When circumstances ask for more, the civic fabric is strengthened.  A festival in India last spring required a 30-minute taxi detour on a treacherous mountain road.  When I didn’t have enough drachmas for a ride in Greece once, my driver refused to swing by an ATM.  Both times I made the trains on time.  My airbnb host who drove to the Delhi airport for my 3:30 am arrival.

I’ve got lots of these stories.  I inherently trust people.  That we’ll treat each other with deference and respect.  That we share values like safety and kindness.  Sure, I’ve had theft, no shows, betrayal, and just weird exchanges.  All necessary parts of the gig to keep it real and balanced.  Part of trust is that we take a chance.  I relish this because it’s part of the adventure.  Let’s just see what happens.

How we trust seems to be more important than what, which is sorta everything.  If something in an exchange feels uncomfortable, pay attention and mitigate how you trust.  Pull back or get out of the cab.

Mostly, I’m just amazed at how well it all works. I want to recognize the exchange so I can honor it.  Trust is necessary, so how may we strengthen it?  I deeply feel the responsibility on my end, even this one right now.  Connecting, civil fabric, and adventure.  Bring it on.