logoWould you like help understanding current events?
Communicating with different world views?
Could you use some positive inspiration and fresh perspectives?
What if we can build a more resilient community?

You are invited.   
An online series for personal support and community engagement.

All Free.

Weekly video conference calls.
Webpage with call recordings and other resources.
Inspiration and support from program participants.

Create Empowerment
Learn and apply conscientious growth frameworks to current events.
Locate and explore your own growth stage and capacity.
Share information, delegate research, develop positive community actions.
Cultivate resources to take care of yourself.
Reclaim Truth
Apply teachings from faith and wisdom traditions to your life.
Identify language and values within different world views.
Learn and avoid common fallacies in reasoning.
Commit to discerning, expecting, and expressing universal truths.
Build Trust  
Learn how we locate and cultivate trust: I trust you. I trust me. I trust.
Engage in conversations with area leaders and each other.
Communicate respectfully when you don’t understand or agree.
Create acts of generosity and service.

Together, we are strong.
Together, we hold the space so all may ascend to hope, clarity, compassion, and right action.

Program begins Tuesday, March 21.

All calls will be recorded and archived for your convenience.

ASCEND Program Schedule


Professional CEU through NNU

Educator PD through NNU

Donations gratefully accepted to cover fees.

Together, we generate courage.  Together, we share inspiration.  Together, we spread the Light.