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“…develop thirty goals for thirty days, and pick one goal for each day.”
Swami Rama, Art of Joyful Living

I have selected 30 best practices from a spectrum of sources.  “Goals” that are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

“Practice this yourself; it is a simple thing.  These should be small goals, things you work on steadily.”

Tell the truth.

Be kind.

Move your body.

Listen to others.

Some ‘goals’ are simple and some will stretch your edges.

Join me. 30 practices, 30 days, 30 bucks.

All online with a daily email and dedicated Facebook group for support and inspiration. You decide when and how to practice.

They come from sources like the Eight Limbs of Yoga and Integral Life Practices. From teachers like Pema Chodron and Julia Cameron. Structures like Nonviolent Communication and Conscious Leadership. Sacred texts like The Bible and Bhagavad Gita.

You don’t have to know any of those things.  Anyone can take this program.  I will provide simple, easy instructions, including audio so you can just listen.

“The point is…that you have built your willpower…. After you develop willpower, you will have greater confidence.  And when you have greater confidence, you can do anything!”

Give it as a gift.

Give it to you.

Register today. Do it with a buddy for $50 total.

You may also drop payment at 337 Deinhard, McCall.  Mail to POB 2115 McCall 83638.  Or hand to Renée on a street corner for a smile and hug.

Program begins January 1.

Look for your program welcome email in late December!