It’s no secret about my car. Maybe you’ve watched it falling apart and wondered when I’ll upgrade to this century.

With 15 years, it’s one of my last attachments and longest relationships. I know it has to go, just not now, or now, or now.

It just…stopped running. Fortunately: I was at the Shell station turning over the massage laundry.  Two kind strangers jumped, jiggled, poked, peered, and finally shook their heads. I have free towing.  The tow garage is directly across from my mechanic. I have his cell number.  AND, my bestie Randi was following me to my office. Geez, could it have been any…easier?

I had stayed in town for Marisa’s yoga class, and by golly, I wasn’t gonna miss it. I broke out the hiking boots, backpack, and walking poles from Robert.  The latter provide an upper body workout and deter kind motorists from offering rides. I’d been thinking I should walk to my office which neighbors-up to the yoga studio. The bike path is a direct line, for Heaven’s Sake.

The drive is 5 minutes. The walk took 23. It was quiet, plowed, and beautiful. I soon realized my pack wasn’t nearly as heavy as the one I’ll be turtling through Delhi and Rishikesh in 6 weeks.

I’ve been including Please help prepare me for India in my prayers. Which was supposed to be help bring the income, help me get organized, help me be safe, etc. etc.  Taking my car seems a little…extreme? Annoying? Creative?

Here’s the other Beautiful Thing. I don’t want to lug my laptop every day, so it will mostly remain in my office. Help me prepare, like…study and meditate. Huzzah.

That’s 46 minutes of walking a day. Good thing the laundry’s done.