The most consistent thing people say after working with me is, “I feel lighter.”  Last winter I studied the ocular, energetic, and spiritual understandings of light for my Guided Meditation on Illumination.  We understand light in so many beautiful ways~ coming into knowledge and wisdom, having awareness, easing a load, feeling divinely blessed. We are enchanted by variations of sunlight. We need sunlight to grow, see, and heal. We are Light.

I realized my rebranding would have to be around light and converging paths~ teaching, small business, therapy, service, healing.

So it’s simple. Luminaire is events and services that bring you some quality of Light.
There are three ways to go.  First, I am offering unique events from a place of joy and inspiration~ a creativity class, restoration retreat, dance party, games night….

Second, you may request an event ceremonythat we co-create for you, your family, employees, team, friends, community.  I have lots of ideas, and I’m excited about what you will suggest.

Third, I hold the space for your creation. Want to teach a class, lead a retreat, give a presentation?  I will mentor you through your creative process and help with the nitty gritty.

I am still providing massage therapy in McCall~ that’s part of my calling. I will also continue to provide health education and coaching, and there are health options in my Menu of Courses and Workshops.

For more information, my new website is here. Let’s play!