October 16 ~ 18, 2015
Mavens’ Haven, Lucile, ID

The arrival of fall and slowing down invite us to contemplation. Join us for a weekend of shared and solitary meditationblessings nourished by simple, organic meals.

Come for a weekend of supported silence if you prefer. You may wish for a blend of silence and shared sessions. You may want to snuggle into a wagon and read, nap, and meditate all weekend.

You are welcome to stay Friday through Sunday nights. Shared meditation sessions will begin Friday night with a Guided Restorative Meditation and close Sunday evening with Appreciation Games.

Retreat fee of $60 one day or $100 two days includes all meals Saturday breakfast through Monday breakfast.

See Haven Accommodations here~ $35 a night twin shared, $75 queen private, $50 queen multiple nights.  Camping $25/night.

Copy/paste registration form below and send to reneeomrama@gmail.com. To hold your accommodation and help with commitment, please send a $50 deposit to PO Box 2115, McCall, 83638​, ​d​rop at my office on Deinhard, or pay here with Square.  Questions, call Renee at 634-3342.

Meditation Retreat Registration  (copy/paste to email)

Retreat fee, includes facilitation and all meals: $60 one day, $100 both days
Arriving Friday     Attending just Saturday    Attending just Sunday     Attending both days
Accommodation first choice:
Second choice:
Dietary requests and restrictions:
Questions and general requests:

Meditation Forms~ Highlight forms where you want instruction or guidance.

Sustained and supported silence all weekend
Breathwork and Pranayama
River and Bridge Walk
Forest Walk
Guided  /  Visualizations
Tonglen / Compassionate Exchange
Qi Gong
Guided with Writing Prompts
Nondual Casual Body
Integral Meditation, 3 Faces of Spirit
3rd person: Kosmic Contemplation
2nd person: with Divine Being
1st person: I Am
Devotion / Bhakti / Prayer
Gratitude / Heart Math
Vipassana / Integral Open Inquiry
Concentration / Counting
Focusing (Gendler)
Passage / Textual