It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Life accelerated. I was warned when I had that slightly bored feeling in March. Uh Oh. Something Challenging This Way Comes.

Bam. Had to move, twice. 1. Renee Jpegs-4095

Winged to Ohio for a family emergency, twice.

Threw an Elaborate Birthday Party.

Buried a beloved kitty.

I finally stopped sobbing at the Haven’s labyrinth last week. Feeling all that grief and remorse wasn’t honoring me or my companion of fourteen years  I started walking the spiral, thinking of the lessons from my dharma cat:
Ask for what you want.

Paw treeesFlaunt your beauty.
Receive loving attention.

Loll about in the woods.
Paw trees.
Admire moths and spiders.
Sleep as much as you need.
Snuggle up.

Move into the Light.

I’ve long known my life would turn outward when the dharma cat left. He timed it exactly a month before my rebranding launch. Walking the labyrinth, I shifted the grief into gratitude for my new standards.

Snuggle up, dear ones. We’re gonna see our beauty, receive love and light, celebrate in the mountains, appreciate the little things, and ask for what we want.


 Move into the Light.  Be the Light.

Consider yourself invited.