Reverse Thinking is a Reframing method.   It’s fairly easy to employ~ just reverse your language from negative to positive. Switch complaining or scarcity into a positive expression of desire.  Don’t into do.

I hate when I have a long day and you don’t start dinner.
I have a long day.  Could you start dinner?

Don’t stay out past ten.
Be home by ten.

Don’t yell at me.
Speak more quietly to me.

Don’t leave your stuff all over the entryway.
Put your stuff in the closet.

Do you feel the energetic differences in these examples?   One trick is to catch ourselves first in the energy of don’t, negativity, complaint, and scarcity.   Just acknowledge it with a deep, maybe noisy exhale.  Then see what happens while you reframe into the reverse.

Yes, they are more assertive.  That’s OK.  We need to own what we want and clearly express it.  Your tone of voice can indicate respect and clarity rather than nagging or demand

Let me know how it goes!