Here we are again, the new year review.  I made a list of what has worked this year and what I need to reframe.  Ouch.  Time for some honesty.

What has worked?

These sincere and heartfelt notes to you.  Your replies by email and in person have kept me going.  The Guided Restorative Meditations, an inaugural library presentation, the Integral Life Design retreat, and an ever-surprising and thriving bodywork practice.

Morning practices, asking for help, feeling my heart when expressing honesty, being in the woods, dancing, interrupting negative story-telling, the low-histamine diet.

What do I need to do differently?

The monthly specials, how to offer retreats, and anything related to marketing and advertising.  How much time I spend on that stuff.  How I think my explanations are clear and folks still don’t understand.

Walk more in winter, enjoy eating out, travel for fun, HAVE more fun, relax my ‘should dos,’ and…the low-histamine diet.

Your turn now.

What has worked this year, and what will you do differently?  I’d love to hear from you below.

Now get ready.  I have a theme for 2015.  With invitations for you.  We’re gonna build community, share adventures, and celebrate with a year of parties.  Not events, PARTIES.

Thank you to Jeff Walker for the inspiration.