May 13~15, 2016
Mavens’ Haven, Lucile, ID

This event now has a waiting list~ please email Renee at  You can also view our June retreat, the Divine Feminine, or reserve your spot for the fall meditation retreat.

The beautiful spring in Lucile invites us to contemplation. Join us for a weekend of shared and solitary meditation nourished by simple, organic meals prepared by Eva Samaha.

Come for a weekend of supported silence if you prefer. You may wish for a blend of silence and shared sessions. You may want to snuggle into a wagon and read, nap, and just be still. IMG_0064_2

Retreat fee of $75 one day or $125 two days includes all meals Saturday breakfast through Monday breakfast.

You are welcome to stay Friday through Sunday nights. Shared meditation sessions will begin Friday night with Guided Restorative Meditation at 8pm MST and close Sunday afternoon with Appreciations and Vipassana.

You are invited to arrive Friday afternoon and bring a personal dinner.  We encourage guests to stay through Sunday night to quietly integrate the weekend and enjoy the Haven.

Watch the Luminaire video created during the Spring 2015 Meditation Retreat.

Haven Lodging

$35 one night twin shared, $25 multiple nights.
$75 one night queen private, $50 multiple nights.
$20 per night camping.

Meditation Retreat Registration  

Retreat fee, includes facilitation and all meals
$75 One Day
$125 Two Days

Coming just Saturday, Sunday, or both days

Accommodation first choice:
Second choice:

Dietary requests and restrictions:

Questions and general requests:

Meditation Forms

Please delete forms in which you do NOT want to participate this weekend.
Please bold ones where you want instruction or guidance.

Sustained and supported silence all weekend
Breathwork and Pranayama
River and Bridge WalkBridge Meditation
Guided  /  Visualizations
Tonglen / Compassionate Exchange
Guided with Writing Prompts
Integral Meditation, 3 Faces of Spirit:
*3rd person: Kosmic Contemplation

*2nd person: with Divine Being
*1st person: I Am
Devotion / Bhakti / Prayer
Gratitude / Heart Math
Vipassana / Integral Open Inquiry
Concentration / Counting
Passage / Textual

Meditation Retreat Accommodations

Sheep Wagons
$75 a night / $50 multiple nights
Queen bed, solar lanterns, wood heat, & chamber pot.

Mountain View~ Reserved
River~ Reserved
Garden~ Reserved

Main House Bunkroom~ Reserved

Main House Master Suite ~ Reserved

Vintage Airstream
Twin beds in shared housing.  Solar lanterns, wood heat, toilet.

Camping    $20 a night

If staying in a bed for one night only, we kindly ask for help with laundry and clean up.

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