An Interactive Slideshow with Mythology, Art, Literature & Filmhero poster

Sunday, January 24, 2016
McCall, Idaho Public Library
2 – 6 pm
A Cabin Fever Event, $22 registration here

Middle and high school students are FREE and especially invited.

Every few years yet another popular film arrives telling the same story~ Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games.  Why does this storyline continue to fascinate us?

Mythologian Joseph Campbell offers a powerful answer.  The adventures and archetypes of the hero’s journey resonate deeply with our human experience, especially in our search for meaning and purpose.

If we understand how a life challenge or celebration is part of a sacred paradigm, we may live it with more grace and ease.

nelson-mandelaReceiving the Call & Departure

We may learn to recognize when a call is arriving.  There are different kinds of Calls and we have an array of responses.  After we accept the Call, we acquire help and must face thresholds, both external and internal. Then there’s the Belly of the Whale!

Initiation, Road of Trials and Adventures

The Road of Trials contains archetypes such as the monster, shapeshifter, meeting the goddess, tests, and the descent into darkness. How is that different from the Belly of the Whale? Why do we meet with divinity and find reconciliation with a father-figure? Who are our shapeshifters and how do we handle them?jesus and Buddha

Return and our Role in the World

The Hero must cross more thresholds to return to the world, and quite often he or she is not welcome. The hero has gifts to offer and must integrate all paths.

Join us for a lively and engaging discussion.

Watch my film montage here.