Tuesdays, October 6 ~ November 17
5:15-7:15 pm, Revolving Locations
Registration $125
Early Bird $105 by September 30
Educator CEU through NNU, $60

Presented by Renée Silvus, M.A., Luminaire and McCall Community Learning

Take a current or future project, life journey, business design or plan, vision, or even a relationship into the Creative Process.  As a cohort, we will support each other and hold accountability.  Learn effective and inspiring tools for any situation.

The Creative Process:

Preparation, Invitation & Generation
Incubation & Absorption
Inspiration & Illumination
Evaluation & Verification

The course will apply tools from the fields of creativity, neuroscience, somatic psychology, and organizational leadership.

Project progress will be shared with the class during the final session November 17.

Participants may choose from 3 optional sessions: a Guided Meditation on the Creative Process October 23 or November 13 addresses the Inspiration & Illumination stage.  A Family Games Night November 6 addresses Generation, Absorption, Inspiration, and Evaluation.

Educational Goals

* Reframe common assumptions about creativity.
* Learn the Creative Process by applying each step to the learning process within the course.
* Apply basic tenets of neuroscience, somatic psychology, and organizational leadership to the Creative Process and course final project.
* Create a concrete and useful product using the container of the course.

Learning Objectives

* Learn strategies for generating and organizing information, accessing insight, clearing blocks, reframing ‘problems,’ evaluating choices, and implementing plans.
* Recognize and facilitate steps usually avoided or ignored.
* Integrate creativity tools in life and work.

Course Requirements

* Participate in course sessions.
* Complete weekly assignments.
* Choose one Recommended Reading from list to study and apply.
* Design a useful and relevant project.

Specific Course Skills

1. Problem-Solving and Insight Tools

* defining the “right problem”
* collecting and sorting information
* applying insight tricks to creative blocks
* using reframes, obstacles and detours as tools
* establishing clear evaluation procedures
* respecting where you are in the Creative Process

2. Supervision and Administration Skills

* creating structures and a culture for disciplined creativity
* understanding and cultivating creativity as a resource
* applying out-of-discipline structures to your life and work
implementing SMART plans: Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Relevant & on a Timeline

3. Neuroscience and Somatic Psychology Applications

* understanding neuroplasticity and ways to grow your brain
* integrating brain tools in planning and decision-making
* learning embodiment practices for insight and evaluation

Course Outline

October 6         Preparation, Invitation & Generation
* course agreements
* common assumptions about creativity
* different types of problems and how to understand one
* collecting, inviting, and sorting information
* influences in the Creative Process

October 13       Neuroscience and Creativity Strategies for all Brains
* alternate use tests
* neuroplasticity
* brain models: old school left & right, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Heart Math, & the Enteric Nervous System
* strategies to change your brain
* break-out groups: identify final project, choose neuroscience applications, create accountability structures.

October 20      Incubation & Absorption
* fuzzy frameworks, reframes and detours
* breaking the blocks, insight tricks
* using within-discipline and out-of-discipline approaches
* break-out groups: share takeaways from Preparation Stage and reading, choose Incubation strategies, tweak accountability structures.

October 23  Optional Guided Restorative Meditation
The Creative Process.  Shanti Yoga Studio, 5:30-6:45 pm.

October 27      Inspiration & Illumination
* eight-minute process to strengthen the creative mindset
* “go write to the muse”~ 100 questions
* 9 modalities of thinking
* break-out groups: share takeaways from Incubation Stage and reading list, commit to inspiration practices.

November 3     Somatic Psychology
* stress adaptation and discharge to help open creativity
* embodied creativity techniques for incubation and insight
* break-out groups: choose somatic techniques to test and apply.

November 6     Optional Family Games Night
The purpose of the Games Night is to share tools, practices, and perspectives from the class with family and friends in a structured social setting.  We then have a larger and more informed support system.  Children are especially welcome.

November 10       Evaluation, Verification, Implementation & Restoration
* engaging devil’s and angel’s advocates
* transcending “either/or” thinking
* using somatic intelligence
* testing and checking tools
* using the SMART framework for Implementation
* customizing and honoring Restoration
* breakout groups: ask hard questions about final projects. Tweak projects according to final stage suggestions and unique influences.

November 13 Optional Guided Restorative Meditation
The Creative Process.  Shanti Yoga Studio, 5:30-6:45 pm.

November 17      Final Projects
* share and celebrate final projects
* request feedback
* request further accountability

Questions and Requests
Contact Renée

Educator CEU Info Here.

More readable course PDF available by email.
Recommended Reading, choose one:

Armstrong, T. (2010). The power of neurodiversity: unleashing the advantages of your differently wired brain. Philadelphia, PA: Decapo Books.

Cameron, J. (2004). The Sound of paper, inspiration and practical guidance for starting the creative process. London: Penguin Books.

Dotlich, D., Cairo, P., & Rhinesmith, S. (2006).  Head, heart & guts: how the world’s best companies develop complete leaders.  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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Myss, C. & Joseph, S. (2014). Your creative soul, expressing your authentic voice. Boulder, CO: Sounds True.

Napier, N.  (2010). Insight: encouraging aha! moments for organizational success. Westport, CT: Praeger.

Napier, N. & Nilsson, M. (2008). The creative discipline. Westport, CT: Praeger.

Siegal, D.(2009)  Mindsight: the new science of personal transformation. New York, NY:  Bantam.

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