Adventures in Spirit*

Friday, April 17

Renee’s Living Room

302 Mather, C-18.  River’s Bend between Alpine Pantry & the Fish Hatchery.

5:45-6:00 pm arrive.  Please no late arrivals.

6:00-8:00 Games

8:00 Dinner

Go beyond small talk.
Be curious.
Create more intentional conversations.
Be more in-the-moment and honest.
Be more Yourself.

These community-building games strengthen relationships and deepen personal awareness.
Leave small talk behind and create more intentional conversations, curiosity, and honest expression.
Some are noisy and lively whole-group games; some are in pairs where we quietly engage.

Suggested $10 donation, beverage, side dish, dessert, or whatever works for you.  I will make an organic, healthy soup, both with meat and vegetarian.

Please RSVP below, at 634-3342, or  We want to have enough soup, right?

*Adventures in Spirit, Renee turns 50