Generate, Discover, and Evolve into more of you.

Mondays, March 2 through April 27

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

MDHS MacNichol Annex

The Big Vision

We all possess natural creativity we continually express.  Daily we make decisions, solve challenges, manifest beauty and opportunity, give gifts, use talents, ask questions, offer help.

How may you generate more creative energy to fuel this journey?   Starting a new project, continuing an old project, guiding a distraught student, navigating work culture and politics, feeling healthier in your body, allowing more spaciousness for a spouse, allowing more spaciousness for yourself.

There are tools and perspectives to help generate your creativity~ fun, often surprising, and easy to learn.

From here we may also explore natural leadership.  This is how you show up daily with your family, work, and community.  Rather than arriving from a soap or political box, this kind of leadership is the daily inspiration you offer by standing in personal integrity.

The course will apply research from creativity and leadership pioneers, neuroscience, somatic psychology and practices, Integral Theory, Nonviolent Communication, organizational leadership, and your inarguable life experiences.

The design of an Incubator is gather people from different occupations and life paths who may offer multiple perspectives.

The Nitty Gritty

We will specifically work with:

Problem-Solving and Insight Tools

using reframes to set boundaries and re-perspective
using obstacles and detours as tools
moving from judgment to discernment
cultivating within-discipline structures in your job
applying out-of-discipline structures to your job
using patterns of collaboration and leadership

Supervision and Administration Skills

working with different personalities
listening and communicating with less defensiveness
managing conflict with a positive tone
negotiating differences into collaboration
creating structures and a culture for disciplined creativity
using creativity as a resource
choosing leadership styles in different contexts

Neuroscience Applications

understanding neuroplasticity and ways to grow your brain
understanding how your brain absorbs and uses information
using how your brain works as a power tool
managing your brain and body in stress
learning embodiment practices for discharge, insight and creativity

Integral Theory (IT) Applications

learning models of human development
mapping out your own interior and exterior development
applying IT to communication, conflicts, and goal-setting
leading with an IT framework

Living and Working with Personal Integrity

acknowledging your values
using your strengths with respect and power
leading with honesty and courage

By cultivating fuller creativity, owning our authentic strengths, and leaning into our personal power, we create personal leadership.  It’s that simple.

All course content integrates with Common Core Standards on Literacy.  Please request specific list via email.

Our first course with McCall Community Learning through Parks and Recreation.

Early Bird Registration $105 EXTENDED to February 20.
Regular Registration $125.

Registration form here on Google Docs.  Or email for a PDF or Word Doc.

Pay Here on Square Market or directly to Renée.

Please make checks to Renée Silvus or Holistic Health & Healing.  Drop off at McCall Massage Therapy, 337 Deinhard x airport x Southside Grill, or mail to PO Box 2115 McCall, 83638.

Full, 100% money-back guarantee at at point for any reason.

Educator CEU available through NNU, $60.

Contact: 634-3342 or

Course Roadmap

March 2  Acknowledging Multiple Perspectives
Discovering Curiosity
Insight and Problem-solving
Non-judgment and Discernment

March 9  Generating Multiple Perspectives
Neuroscience and Wiring: Neuroplasticity
Creativity Strategies for all Brains
Using Kagan Structures

March 16  Guest Speaker~ Tim Neu, Benchmark Development
Nonviolent Communication

March 23  Spring Break, no class

March 30  Guest Speaker~ Rachel Smith, Healing & Harmony
Somatic Psychology
Stress Adaptation and Discharge
Embodied Creativity

April 6  Introduction to Integral Theory
AQAL: All Quadrants All Levels
Human Development and Evolution
Include and Transcend

April 13  Using Integral Theory~ Practical Applications

April 20  Guest Speaker~ Kathleen Weber, Stor-It
Organizational Leadership
In Discipline and Out-of-Discipline Approaches

April 27   Integration of Practices, 10,000 Hours to Mastery

head shot smallRenée Silvus taught for fifteen years through five high schools, creating accessible and creative curriculum in literature and writing.  Landing in McCall in 2004 provided the opportunity to teach at MDHS and transition into full-time bodywork therapy.  Since 2006 she has built a thriving small business practice with McCall Massage Therapy & Bodywork.  To more fully inform consultations with clients, she completed a Whole Health Educator™ and Coaching program with the National Institute of Whole Health and facilitator training with Authentic World San Francisco and the Integral Center Boulder.  She has created Holistic Health & Healing to offer coaching, education, retreats, and community-building events.  She offers a unique blend of perspectives as an educator, business owner, and therapist.

Guest Speakers

TimTim Nau is a local builder whose company Benchmark Development Co. LLC specializes in building green, super-energy efficient, Insulated Concrete Formed (ICF) homes.  When he is not building homes in Idaho, Tim serves as a Performance Optimization Consultant in drilling deepwater & extended reach oil & gas wells.  The mantra of their organization is to Plan, Do, Measure, Learn.  They foster performance improvement by helping to create a continuous learning culture.

_MG_7557 smallRachel Smith, Dipl. AC, Dipl. CH, NCCAOM Cert., created Healing & Harmony Acupuncture, Herbs, and Qi Gong in McCall.  Passionate about Qi Gong for balancing meridians and emotions, Rachel Smith has practiced and taught Qi Gong for 20 years, training with five Masters.  She is certified in Jade Woman, Liver Cleansing, Dai Mai Qi, Wu Ji Five Element, and Diamond Forms.  Her acupuncture diploma is from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe.

KathleenKathleen photo Weber is the acting CFO/CEO of Avest Limited Partnership, an Idaho commercial property management company.   Her accomplishments include the expansion of Stor-It Rental Storages into four cities with almost two million square feet of storage.  Kathleen cultivates a work culture of learning and self-inquiry with some unique and thoughtful strategies.  Most recently, she spearheaded the establishment of the Junior Steelheads Hockey team, now a popular fixture in McCall.

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